About DataMC


A 20 year veteran in the field of data migration, John Lowe established DataMC in 2016 when a gap in the market was observed. This was with respect to IT companies and software vendors struggling with end-to-end data migrations due to two main problems.

  • Vendors knowing the target systems very well, but lacking knowledge in legacy systems
  • Excellent level of IT skills in general, but lacking the specific toolsets, methodology and knowledge needed for a Data Migration

DataMC was established to solve these problems. We have quickly grown from a team of four people in Brisbane to one with over twenty-five employees in four offices spread throughout the globe.

Buderim office – company HQ

Leadership Team

For when only the best is good enough

John Lowe
Michelle Lowe
Alex Zaikin
Director of R&D
Craig Gallagher
Steph Arrell
Executive Assistant to the CEO
Paul Bimrose
UK Regional Director

Leisa Collins
Global Financial Controller
Andrew Coverdale
Sales Manager