Two key principles in Data Migration

  • Automation – this stops any manual errors creeping into the process
  • Repetition – this finds and eliminates any errors in the process


Using DM REVOLVE – our in-house toolset, and these two key principles, we can guarantee predictable results. We aim to fully automate the end-to-end process of data migration to ensure it is repeatable, so by the time the big day arrives the cutover will be smooth and trouble-free.

Automation at its finest, DataMC’s revolutionary GOM interface


From the planning stage through to the final cutover, the data migration will be tracked and updated using our DM REVOLVE ‘WOM workflow engine’. Using the full array of DM REVOLVE tools you will be able to log in and see

  • Progress – where to focus resources
  • Quality of the migrated data
  • Any issues within the full end-to-end process

Once the data objects reach the relevant stage they will be extracted, cleansed, and uploaded to a target test system as often as possible. This is in preparation for the cutover, once all of the data objects are migration ready, most will have been through this process many times. It is this repetition that ensures the final full load will run smoothly and 100% as expected.

Repetition and automation should be at the heart of any data migration