Automation and Repetition

Key Principles for Successful Data Migration: Automation and Repetition

  • Automation – Eliminating manual errors to ensure a smooth migration process
  • Repetition – Systematically identifying and resolving any issues during the process

Harness the Power of Automation with DM REVOLVE

Our proprietary in-house toolset, DM REVOLVE, integrates automation and repetition to deliver dependable and consistent results. Our primary goal is to fully automate the entire data migration process, enabling seamless repeatability and minimizing risks associated with human intervention. This approach allows us to provide our business clients with a streamlined and efficient migration experience.

Automation at its finest, DataMC’s revolutionary GOM interface

The Value of Repetition in Data Migration

From the initial planning to the final cutover, data migration is meticulously tracked and updated using our DM REVOLVE ‘WOM workflow engine’. With the comprehensive suite of DM REVOLVE tools, you can log in and monitor:

  • Progress – Strategically allocate resources for optimal results
  • Quality of the migrated data
  • Any issues within the full end-to-end process

As data objects advance through each stage, they are extracted, cleansed, and uploaded to a target test system as frequently as possible. This approach ensures that, by the time of the cutover, all data objects are migration-ready and have been rigorously tested. This repetition guarantees a smooth and accurate final full load.

By combining the strengths of automation and repetition, we offer a seamless and effective data migration experience tailored to meet the needs of our business clients.

Repetition and automation should be at the heart of any data migration