BIDM Methodology

BIDM(Business Integrated Data Migration)

Business owners are often relegated to a background position, whilst the IT resources are given ownership of a data migration project. After seeing this attitude lead to the disengagement of the business and data owners, the BIDM methodology was developed.

The BIDM (Business Integrated Data Migration) methodology focuses on establishing a collaborative partnership between the Client and DataMC during data migration projects. By involving the customer and business owners from the outset, we transform data migration from a purely technical challenge into a more inclusive process.

The BIDM methodology seeks to:

  • Involve business and data owners right from the start
  • Maintain robust communication between business and technical implementation teams
  • Prevent or address any issues that could put the project at risk

The BIDM approach prioritizes the integration of business and data owners from the beginning, ensuring their involvement up until the final deployment. DataMC is dedicated to fostering unity among:

  • Data owners
  • IT resources
  • Support Staff

Adhering to the methodology principles ensures a cohesive and low-stress implementation.

All DataMC expert resources and associates are proficient in employing the BIDM methodology.

The BIDM Methodology