BIDM(Business Integrated Data Migration)

Business owners are often relegated to a background position, whilst the IT resources are given ownership of a data migration project. After seeing this attitude lead to the disengagement of the business and data owners, the BIDM methodology was developed.

The BIDM methodology aims to:

  • Integrate the business and data owners from the very beginning
  • Continue strong business to technical implementation teams communication
  • Circumvent or isolate any issue that could potentially jeopardise the project

The BIDM methodology system aims to integrate the business and data owners from the very beginning, continuing through to the final deployment. DataMC are passionate in their desire to unify:

  • Data owners
  • IT resources
  • Support personnel

Cohesion and a low-stress implementation is achievable when the methodology principles are followed.

All DataMC expert resources and associates are skilled in the use of the BIDM methodology.

The BIDM Methodology