Our Data Migration Partners

Technology One

“Transforming business, making life simple

We build and deliver truly great products and services that transform business and make life simple for our customers.”



“Helping our clients maximise value from their enterprise systems, Lánluas Consulting converts implementations into concrete performance improvement.

Lánluas is one of Australia’s leading providers of enterprise systems consulting services. We translate clients’ business goals into flexible, future-proof solutions to deliver value, improve efficiency, accelerate delivery and reduce costs – thereby capturing the full potential from the enterprise system. Lánluas Consulting has commenced enterprise systems consulting in New Zealand, across the full complement of enterprise solutions.”

Galaxy 42

Galaxy42 is a consulting business that specialises in providing services to assist clients implement, enhance, support and integrate their business applications across Asia Pacific Region. We aim to help our clients maximise the value from the significant investment they have made.”

LGS Solutions

Dynamics 365 architectural implementation and technical expertise, together DDP forms an essential bridge between the customer and the implementation vendor, specifically around

  • data migration
  • production
  • readiness deployments.