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Find out about DataMC’s proprietary data migration toolset

Abbreviations and Definitions
For those new to data migration there is a lot of new terminology to get used to

Frequently Asked Questions
Questions about a data migration? Data MC’s coverage? The time or cost of a project? This is where to go

Free Consultation
The ultimate Resource, arrange a consultation to assess the scope and needs of the project

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Most Recent Articles
View a selection of the most recently published articles. These can range from general data migration advice to specific information on our toolsets or the methodology we use.

BIDM (Business Integrated Data Migration) Methodology
Business owners are often relegated to a background position whilst the IT resources are given ownership of the data migration project, BIDM aims to address this problem

Key Factors for a Successful Data Migration
Repeatability, Predictability and Timeliness. We go through why they are important, and how we leverage them


The Data Migration Process
Here we go through the key stages we find are always necessary in a data migration

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YouTube Channel
We have a YouTube Channel where we publish various items on Data Migration, Data MC’s methodologies, how we work and what we do.