Running Out of Time?

Get back on track

According to a study by Gartner over 83% of data migration projects fail outright, or exceed their budget or schedule, Bloor Group put the outright failure rate at 38%. Both are frightening statistics when you realise that an entire business can be depending on a quick and trouble-free data migration turnaround. The key to being one of the 17% rather than one of the unlucky 83% comes down to:

  • Good planning
  • Tried and tested methodology
  • Solid toolsets
  • Expert data migration resources with specific domain knowledge
  • Communication between the client and ourselves

We help businesses and organisations get their data migrations back on track. Overrun and overspend is all too common when a migration gets bogged down with communication and technical problems.

Delayed data migration will impact business operations when an originally planned go-live event is not achieved, or the go-live cutover window is unnecessarily extended. DataMC has proven, tried, and tested methodologies in place to mitigate risks and delays.

Currently, DataMC is running at a 100% success rate.

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