Tablelands Regional Council – Completed!

Tablelands Regional Council is Live! 

This past month saw the successful completion of another DataMC data migration implementation. This thriving local government, located in Northern Queensland, migrated their asset master and related transactional data to a TechnologyOne Cloud-based CiA instance. 

It was a challenging project at times, due to the sheer number of asset class and attribute combinations, which required DataMC to rethink the way asset information was migrated. However, DataMC’s ability to continually evolve, as the need arises, resulted in the utilisation of our new Dynamic Asset Migration tool, allowing DataMC to greatly speed up the migration process while maintaining quality and visibility to users. Once again, a great team effort led by Kylie Furner from DataMC and Viv Carter from TechnologyOne. From the client side, we would like to thank Amanda Henderson, Chris Geer and Matthew Willis for all their hard work and dedication to the project. 

If 2023 is the year for your asset management, finance or supply chain management implementation, reach out to us now. One of our expert team members will take you through a ‘no obligation’ DM REVOLVE toolset demonstration, showcasing our full data migration capabilities. 

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