Strathfield Council’s CM10 is live! 

Another successful DataMC document migration implementation!  
The objective was to load 1.2 million documents (structured and unstructured) located throughout various legacy source system locations, into the one Micro Focus CM10 Content Manager new target system! This was successfully achieved, employing multiple parallel load environments, project duration start-to-finish in under 6 months.  
Key Challenges: 
Loading into a live CM10 system, meaning correctness and completeness was a must, as was risk-free and timely cutover windows. 
The Solution: 
Utilising DataMC’s revolutionary DM REVOLVE toolsets, validating all data for quality issues prior to load file generation and loading, as well as ensuring all reference mapping aligned with the live configuration within the new CM10 target. Loading was performed outside of office hours, minimising business disruption, incorporating strict backup recovery checkpoint processes throughout. Repeatability and load optimisation due to the use of multiple parallel load environments, reduced data load times from an estimated 24 days down to 6 days! 
The power of teamwork once again brought this all together; big thanks to @BethHergenhan, @PaulBimrose, @CraigGallagher and @LoganEngle and Council’s dedicated team. Well done all! 
The Result: 
Another DataMC happy customer – 1.2 million documents 100% loaded and validated… smarter… faster… better!